Mornings, Meals, and Mayhem (avoided!)

I had an epiphany while listening to one of my new favorite podcasts, Sorta Awesome. Megan Tietz is the host, and a fellow ENFP.

I. Love. Her.

Anyways – I listened to “Extra Awesome: Laura Vanderkam on making mornings awesome”. I’ve seen Vanderkam’s name pop up quite a bit recently – probably on Modern Mrs. Darcy (I’m also in love with Anne Bogel) and other blogs I follow. The whole interview was really interesting, but one part stuck out to me in particular. LV mentioned that when a person wakes up in the morning, their willpower is replenished, and they can make the tough decisions to abstain from certain things, or go for that run, etc. Willpower, according to her (and research, apparently), runs dry as the day wears on. Which makes TOTAL sense.

So. My epiphany. I was thinking about the many attempts I’ve made at getting up early. I usually try to wake, sit quietly in a chair, sipping some coffee, and reading my Bible and journaling. Sounds so perfect, right? It did to me, too. Until I realized that I was falling back asleep within about 10 minutes of getting my butt in the chair. I simply can’t wake up and ease into the day. I just end up crawling back into bed and sinking back into a guilty sleep.

After listening to her discuss willpower, and it’s potency at the beginning of our day, I started thinking of the different things that I want to do, but require a good deal of willpower to execute. Exercise is definitely one of those things. Perhaps I can spend some of my willpower on exercise? Also – meal prep! I don’t hate cooking, but it’s not something that I love, and is often a source of stress for me. But! If I did all of my meal prep for the day before my kiddos were even out of bed…??? How great would that be!?!? Then I wouldn’t have to agonize over what’s for lunch or dinner! They’d be prepped and ready to go in my fridge!

So, I’m gonna give it a go. 6am – wake up to exercise (maybe throw in a shower for good measure… and less stink), and meal prep.


I’m not really one for New Years resolutions. I usually feel that the commitment is waaaaay too much. Or I know that I’ll inevitably give it up, so why bother?

But this year is different. There’s a small habit that I want to develop that will have a BIG payoff – at least, that’s what I’m hoping! I’m going to challenge myself to take a daily regimen of supplements. That’s it.

I’ve been feeling super unfocused lately. Two days ago, in the morning, my health was a huge concern. In the afternoon, I felt that I needed to focus my whole life around developing financial discipline. Yesterday morning I woke with a huge fire to get my home schooling act together. Last night, I flipped to the grocery budget… then it was home schooling again….. I have these major concerns, but not much of a plan to deal with any of it.

Soooooo, why supplements???

Kinda weird, I know. But! My reasoning is this: if I’m taking the right supplements daily, then I’ll feel great. Energetic, balanced – not bloated, etc… If I’m feeling better, then I’ll make better decisions, be more productive, more focused, and more likely to have the energy to follow through.

Well, then… what ARE these amazing supplements, you might ask?!?

I want to keep it simple, so I’ll start my day with apple cider vinegar in my water, and magnesium spray. Then, I’ll take a probiotic, cod liver oil, and liver pills. If there’s illness around us, I’ll take vitamin C as well.

Probiotic: There’s so much information about probiotics out there, I’m sure I don’t need to add yet another glowing recommendation. I will say, though, that I personally notice great benefit when I take one regularly. Do I need to explain exactly what those benefits are?? I think not.

Cod Liver Oil: This is an excellent food source of vitamin D, as well as EPA & DHA. There’s a little vitamin A as well. Yay! The key here being “food” source. Synthetic vitamins have their place, for sure. I take a synthetic form of C to boost my immune system when there’s a bug going around. But, when all is said and done, natural vitamins coming from a food source are always much more readily absorbed by your system. So. Cod Liver Oil.

Liver Pills: Liver from grass-fed cows is the richest food source of vitamin A. Vitamin A gets a bad rap. Too much can be toxic. Too much, that is, of synthetic A. Vitamin A obtained from a food source is easily absorbed and dealt with by the body. Liver is also an awesome source of Iron, Folate, and all of the B vitamins. There’s also an “anti-fatigue” factor that remains a mystery to this day. People. Liver pills have been like the missing element in my life. I noticed an immediate difference in energy levels from day one.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Magnesium Spray – ACV is great for about 1,000,000 reasons. It’s another workhorse of a supplement, helping prevent stomach flu, lower blood sugar, and I seriously could go on for ages because it’s amazing. Magnesium is a mineral that most people are deficient in. This is another one that made a big impact from day one. I remember the first time I used it. I sprayed it on my legs and arms, and writhed in pain from the sting (I learned how to apply it with less ill effect in the future). But! This is one instance where the adage “No pain, no gain” was true for me. Even though it was very uncomfortable to apply at first, I slept the. whole. night. for the first time in a long time. And! Woke up refreshed! I couldn’t believe it. And, it wasn’t just a coincidence, because I relapse every time I stop using it.

Why would I need to “challenge” myself to do something so great for myself, with such little effort involved??? Because. I’m an ENFP. ENFP’s can be really, really bad at self-care. I definitely fall into this. Regulary. If I feel burned out, chronically stressed, or too busy, I will stop caring for myself. I’ll start eating way too much of the wrong kinds of foods, stop showering, or putting on make-up. I’ll stop most healthy activities, and retreat into my head. That’s usually a sign that I’m not filling my tank often enough, or in the right ways. There are a lot of ways that I could improve on this, but, for now, I choose a small, attainable goal with big results.

By the way, I’m not a doctor, or a health professional of any kind. I’m merely writing about my own experiences. Please make sure you talk to a professional health expert about any changes in your health routine – don’t take my word for it!!!