3 minute morning

A friend recently recommended that I listen to a podcast called The Homemaking Foundations. Specifically, an episode called “How to Develop a 3 Minute Morning with Kat Lee”. The title had me at “3 minute morning”, but then throw Kat Lee in there!?! Heck, yes!

The idea of early mornings makes me so happy. Idealistically. Waking up at 5am, shuffling into the kitchen, starting a pot of coffee. Turn the lamp on by the chair, and make sure none of my books or sharpie pens are missing, and head back to the kitchen to grab a cuppa. Settle into my favorite chair, open up my journaling Bible and start doodling away in the peace and quiet, taking a sip now and then. Maybe I get up to go for a quick 3 mile run. Maybe I come home and shower, and then get all ready for the day – all before 7am???

Now do you see why I completely romanticize this?! And, besides the fact that my imagined timeline is completely unrealistic, there’s also the thing about me being allergic to early mornings. I love personality typing. Give me a personality test or a “what type of sea animal are you” test, and I’m in! I took the Power of When Quiz to find out my chronotype, and discovered that I’m a Bear. I basically love sleep. I need to go to bed not too early, and wake up not too late. Also, I have a nursing baby that still wakes up during the night. Bearing that in mind, 😉 really early mornings aren’t a reality for me as a general practice.

However, as an avid mom-blog reader, I am continually reminded that moms really should get up before their kids! I remember listening to Kat Lee’s podcast, Inspired to Action, and she’d encourage her listeners to “wake up for their day, not to their day. Love that! Love all of that! But, hard as I try, early mornings just aren’t happening. They’re not. I give up. I’m done trying. I’m also done feeling guilty. But, I also needed a strategy to help me to not feel steamrolled by the day before I’m even out of bed.

Again, enter Kat Lee! Her new podcast (and book!), Hello Mornings, helps moms to establish a morning routine that is sustainable. I still need to grab her book so that I can see all that she has to say on the subject, but the podcast my friend recommended was a great place to start! She recommended putting together a very minimal 3 minute routine that happens no matter what. That’s not much time! Which is actually perfect. No time to romanticize what could happen. Time enough to prioritize what matters. And for me, what matters is spending time with the Lord. Kat made the point in her interview that it’s easy to focus on productivity and accomplishing items on the to-do list, when what needs to happen most is surrender. Surrendering to the Lord’s will. I loved that point. So, I decided to keep it as simple as possible, and downloaded the She Reads Truth app onto my phone. I just do my daily reading, pray, and get going! Perhaps someday I’ll have that lovely morning all to myself, but for now, while maximizing sleep is a top priority, the 3 minute morning is just the thing I need!

I’m thankful for women who desire to encourage one another! I’m also thankful to see that there’s more than one way to start my day off on the right foot.

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